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The Employed Self on the Shelf was puzzled. It's 1st December, where is all the Advent cheer and merriment? The house is very quiet and not very Christmassy.

It turns out @timemanagementmum was spending the day in bed with a migraine. The Employed Self on the Shelf was sure she'd remembered hearing from inside her box-office last week, @timemanagementmum giving a workshop on sleep where she explained that after 17 years suffering with migraine, she 'hardly ever had one anymore'. Oh well.

This meant the better half was in charge. That explained a lot, although he had successfully got one out of two children to school.

The Employed Self on the Shelf knew that a big part of being an Employed Self was being a confident Self starter so she decided to start Christmasing it up a bit around here......

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