The Method to Take Back Your Time is a group mentoring course, run virtually via Zoom, for busy people who are serious about taking back control of their time and priorities, to enable their business to grow and their personal life to flourish.

Live your true priorities each and every day; don't wait for someday! For me, my husband's sudden death was a stark reminder that tomorrow is promised to no one. 

My mission is to support busy people to:

🔹️Grow their business / career

🔹️Step into their full potential

🔹️Take back their time & true priorities

🔹️Intentionally spend time on what they LOVE

🔹️Align their life and goals to love every single day!

Yourself and your family, as well as your business, can flourish if you go about it the right way! Don't you need to learn how?

In The Method we cover: 
⭐How to supercharge your productivity 
⭐How to protect your valuable time

⭐Where to invest your time and energy
⭐Ways to close the psychological loop going round in your head

⭐Worry less

⭐Switch off during your downtime 

⭐Sleep better 

⭐Perform at your absolute best in all major areas of your life
⭐And so much more !

Expert Guest Speakers throughout the course and time saving tools, as well as weekly Zoom meet ups and LIFETIME ACCESS to the programme & community including ANY FUTURE additions and updates!

Can you afford not to be part of Berkshire Life Coaching's Take Back Your Time Community?

You will gain the benefits of:

🔹️Proven successful tools and techniques 

🔹️Practical ways to spend more time with your family whilst your business / career grows

🔹️Making the most of your downtime, closing the psychological loop in your head that keeps you laying awake at night

🔹️Phenomenal Performance

🔹️Improved Quality & Quantity of sleep

🔹️Exercising for busy people - FREE trial 

🔹️Time saving Meal planning & cooking 

🔹️Clarity around living the life you TRULY love today, not someday

🔹️Supercharging your productivity & achieving your goals 

🔹️Highly sort after Guest Speakers & Teachers throughout the course

Can you really miss this?

Pay by Direct Debit in 3 easy monthly installments of just £199

You run your schedule, your schedule shouldn't run you!
Come join us and start loving your life even more! 



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