I have worked with Ellen for two months. I have been pleasantly surprised about the huge benefits of working with a coach, something I have not done previously. 
The biggest difference life coaching has made to me, is that I no longer feel guilty about my own ‘self-care’! I feel more balanced and calm, which has impacted on my organization, productivity and overall well being.
Many of Ellen’s techniques have helped me; time chunking, eradicating limiting beliefs about making time for myself, my step tracker, tactics to increase my productivity and motivation. I hope to continue the many techniques I learnt from Ellen. 
To keep me on track I will schedule a monthly call, as being accountable to a 3rd person helps to keeps me focused while I navigate the juggling of my existing business, a new business and my family.
I am extremely appreciative of Ellen’s coaching; her calm and positive approach, the daily motivational messages, and her pragmatic approach to overcoming what feels like insurmountable goals. Rachel of 'Cricketers Gin'

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I have worked with Ellen for five weeks and have really enjoyed it. Ellen is fantastic at quickly understanding where you are getting stuck and facilitating a path to clarity.The thing that has most surprised me about working with a coach is how understood and supported I felt.The biggest difference life coaching has made to me is given me hope for the future.I now feel more stability in my life.Two of the techniques that have worked well for me are the daily affirmations and eradicating limiting beliefs which have left me feeling more confident and able to make better decisions.Something I will continue to do as a result of working with Ellen is make decisions based on my values and what I have identified as wanting to experience most in my life.
I would recommend working with Berkshire Life Coaching.  

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I started to see Ellen in June (mid lockdown)..2020. 

I had 6 sessions weekly , then another 6 sessions every other week. 

I found her to be incredibly compassionate, understanding, good at listening.

She is intelligent with her suggestions as to how I could feel more fulfilled and work on myself to help with areas that I struggle to change or feel good about. 

Also I felt she was incredibly positive. She works by a goal based approach and has even managed to help me when I find it hard to understand where the goals need to be directed and I was just in need of some help with direction. Affirmation of my own self esteem and help with decision making and self confidence through a really tough time. 

I felt she had some great tips and I have tried to use her tools and find the ones that work best for me. 

I would recommend Ellen as a life coach to anyone.


Working with Ellen has been the best investment I've made so far for both my business and my wellbeing.
She is so kind, attentive and makes everything feel much more manageable after just an hours' chat!
Ellen always brings such positive energy to our sessions and she makes me feel I could take on the world!
I couldn't recommend Ellen more as a life coach and look forward to tackling more with her words of wisdom in my mind!
Emily of "Words by Emily"

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Ellen has been a very helpful life coach, very open minded and always ready to listen and give the best advice.
I was impressed by her professionalism and dedication and kindness.
She helped me improve my confidence and also made me feel stronger towards my future.


"I can't thank Ellen enough, she has changed my whole thought process from negative to positive and has helped me go from feeling overwhelmed, as if I have no time, to feeling chilled, productive and feeling like I have more than enough time to fit everything in.

I now feel super organised and am able to balance my time effectively between work and home life. 
Ellen has helped me stay focused and has helped me reach my goals over the last few months. 
Having weekly calls with Ellen keeps me focused and structured and helps keep me on track, it's also great to have that person who truly cares about how you feel and who wants you to become the best version of yourself that you can be.
 I feel like a totally different person, having that little bit of me time before doing everything helps so much.  I've realised I CAN fit it all in! It's crazy how changing a few little things makes such a difference!"


"I reached out to Ellen when I was completely drowning; juggling a new business, trying to home school young kids, mid-house move and through it all, keep my sanity intact, which was definitely hanging on by a frazzled thread.
Ellen brings a distinctive brand of empathy and humour to her coaching. She listens and advises but more importantly, gives you clear tools and tactics on how to manage all the plates that we spin as busy mums. Her own story is so inspiring and talking to her is a completely judgment-free zone.
Since working with Ellen, I am calmer, more centred, and definitely more in control of my time – not just as mum but as the business owner I am aspiring to be. The plates are still spinning – but I have focused and prioritised areas that are important to me, and feel less guilty about needing to ‘do it all’.
Thank you, Ellen for your endless support, your advice and your cheerleading.
I’m so glad you came into my life!"


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ellen on her 12 week course The Method to Take Back Your Time. I felt like Ellen really understood how I was self-sabotaging. 

The Method was an eye-opener for me. Ellen gently guided us through the steps and set us weekly homework which was not arduous. We had time to reflect and her thoughtful questioning helped us identify how we could make things better. 

I feel I have the tools to be successful in any area of my life I choose to change. Thank you Ellen for your generosity, I would have no hesitation in recommending your coaching and course.


“I have recently completed Ellen Ludlow’s 12 week course ‘The Method to Take Back Your Time’ and I have honestly been blown away by it.

Like everyone who runs a small independent business I wear many hats and always need more time just to get stuff done. The feeling of overwhelm can be enormous sometimes but this course really highlighted just how much my business was impacting on other key areas in my life. 
During the 12 weeks, Ellen set the group tasks, defined methods and explained techniques as well as providing tools to help gauge and re-evaluate my time. Our group was set small pieces of homework each week, being guided each step along the way. Having fellow members on the course to  discuss our actions with was incredibly helpful and supportive. 
I now have the tools to measure the change in how I think, tackle and prioritise my tasks. This has been really beneficial. I set myself a series of goals which I’m pleased to say I’m already seeing results from! I’ve learnt how to safeguard my health, family and social time as Ellen really helped me discover how to use my time more effectively, so that I could enjoy the good things in life. I now feel empowered and back in control of my work/life balance.

Ellen is a very focused, understanding and supportive coach who is a delight to work with. She really does have your back! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to take back control of their busy lives.

Thank you Ellen for shining a light on life”.
Tee Stevenson,  Founder & Director,  Bloom & Bear


It’s hard to write a testimonial that does justice to how you have changed my life. But I’ll try…
I discovered Ellen online and got in touch for help with life coaching in general, I had recently set up a new business and lacked the confidence to really give it a go in the way I wanted to.Ellen provided me with structure, constant support, someone to talk to and most of all she provided me with someone to be accountable to.Together we devised a plan of how to push my business and my confidence out of my comfort zone.I didn’t want to lose touch with Ellen so when she suggested the method to take back your time I jumped at the chance. I am a mother of 4 with a part time job and a fledgling business so time management is an issue.I have taken away so much from the course, in particular recognising the emotional cycle of change, every time I think urgh!! I can’t do this! I take myself back to the emotional cycle of change and remind myself of where I am and that it is a normal part of the emotional process.My daily planner has changed my life!! I’ve gone from being an unorganised stressed mess to being in control of my time and recognising my boundaries. It helps me use my time intentionally and stops me from overbooking. I’m still busy but it’s in a much more organised way now.
Most of all I have taken away one simple sentence from Ellen that resets me every time I feel overwhelmed and that is ‘what happens if nothing changes?’I can’t thank you enough for the small but significant lifestyle changes you have encouraged me to make. I still have a way to go but thanks to you I have goals and a plan of how to achieve them and I feel much more able to say no!